Canon and AV Stumpfl to show an extraordinary projection experience at ISE 2015

Canon Europe, world leader in imaging solutions, will be demonstrating an exceptional application of its XEED projector range at Integrated Systems Europe 2015, in cooperation with us. 

"The Colour Zone" is one of several zones on the Canon stand at ISE designed to demonstrate the merits of Canon’s projector technology.  It is a 180 degree panoramic projection booth, designed by us using Canon’s XEED WUX400ST projectors. The custom Curve projection screen is a specially designed elliptical projection screen, designed to match the peripheral vision of the human eye.  The result is an immersive panoramic projection of around 11 x 2 metres. In order to create a more immersive experience of space, even the floor is brought to life with the projectors.  Four more Canon XEED WUX400ST short throw projectors illuminate the floor area of about 6 x 4 metres.

The installation is made possible by Canon’s unique lens technology, which allows a projection ratio of 0.57:1, creating a large projected image from a short distance, with minimal distortion and optimal colour and contrast.  The absence of distortion at the edges of the projected image makes it easy to blend several projected images together seamlessly, resulting in a total image size of roughly 7200 x 1200 pixels. 

Specially filmed footage from the Stiegl brewery in Austria was processed by us and is streamed to each of the eight Canon projectors in native WUXGA resolution using dual Wings Engine Stage Quad media servers, creating a seamless visual experience for visitors to the Canon stand. 

“For Canon, ISE is about inspiring our customers to see what is possible using our technology,” said Andreas Herrnböck, European Business Development Manager, Canon Europe.  “We work closely with our installation partners to deliver incredible visually engaging solutions to businesses, from simple office presentation layouts to jaw-dropping museum installations.  The unique quality that Canon lens technology delivers in our projectors paves the way for installations that were never thought to be possible, and we’re excited to be able to demonstrate these installations to our customers live at the show.”
Experience this innovative projection solution for yourself at the Canon booth # 1-F72.

Details to the"Colour Realism" room installation

8 x Canon XEED WUX400ST short throw projectors with 4,000 ANSI lumens and WUXGA resolution <link http: xeed>

1 x Curve Screen, 11x2m approx 6x4m elliptical base <link http: curve external-link-new-window external link in new>

2 x <link internal-link internal link in current>Wings Engine Stage Quad media server <link http: wingsav external-link-new-window external link in new>

Content <link http: de brauwelt external-link-new-window external link in new> sequences from the Stiegl Brewery cinema

AV producer of Stiegl Brewery cinema  <link http: external-link-new-window>