The art of telling stories with pictures.

Wings 7 is the right tool for creating ambitious slide-shows in only a few steps. Many professional speakers use our software for their shows, so why don't you want to try it out as well? It is easy to use and very straightforward.


Live Shows

Wings is the right tool to create sophisticated diashows in a few simple steps. Use the intuitive software that many professional speakers use for their multimedia shows.



It has never been so easy to present an multimedia show with your pictures and videos to family and friends. Use Wings as a creative tool and tell your story as a digital diashow on your own TV set.

What characterizes AV software?


Intuitive handling for creating and presenting slide-shows. 

A software which helps creating a multimedia show obviously has to have the ability to process all common types of media in a straightforward and logical way. Furthermore the aim of Wings Platinum is always to reach the highest possible image quality in playback. You will find a wide range of functionality which supports your live-show and helps making it into a success. For example there are pause markers which allow the speaker a maximum of freedom in connecting sophisticatedly programmed sequences with live-commented passages on demand.

We would like to express our gratitude to Petra & Gerhard Zwerger-Schoner,
who allowed us to use their beautiful images to present the new Wings 7.