AV Stumpfl Museum

AV Stumpfl Museum

AV Stumpfl Museum

The AV Stumpfl Museum is a place that invites visitors to encounter the spirit of innovation, the creativity and the dreams of those people, for whom light and shadow have literally been more than just empty words. If you want discover the ways in which images have been brought to life for hundreds of years, you have come to the right place.

Documenting the past, illuminating the future

A great passion for the fascinating history of technological innovation that surrounds the themes of light and projection was the original motivation that caused Reinhold Stumpfl to become a dedicated collector. Since the beginning of the company he himself founded reaches back to a more analog time, it has become part of the company philosophy to consciously understand, document and help bring to life the history of technological change.

AV Stumpf company history

AV Stumpfl Gmbh has been developing and manufacturing slide projection control units for slide show projectors since the early 1980s. Inside the in-house museum, visitors can follow the development history of the first hand soldered cross-fade slide control unit right up to current show control technologies.

4K vs. Analog slide show

Analog slide shows are still being associated with the charming signature sound of the automatic change of one slide to the next. The museum's AV cinema, which has been optimised for projections, visitors can experience the difference between a modern HDAV media presentation in 4K and an analogue slide presentation in the style of the analog era.

Virtual tour

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Visitor information

The AV Stumpfl Museum is not open to the general public without a previous appointment. Guided tours are possible after making an appointment. In case you are interested in a guided tour, please send us a message. We will get in touch with you in order to find a possible date for the tour.