Wings Platinum

The art of telling stories with pictures.

Wings Platinum is the right tool for creating ambitious slide-shows in only a few steps. Many professional speakers use our software for their shows, so why don't you want to try it out as well? It is easy to use and very straightforward.

What characterizes professional AV software?


Intuitive handling and practical solutions for creating and presenting slide-shows. 

A software which helps creating a HDAV show obviously has to have the ability to process all common types of media in a straightforward and logical way. Furthermore the aim of Wings Platinum is always to reach the highest possible image quality in playback. You will find a wide range of functionality which supports your live-show and helps making it into a success. For example there are pause markers which allow the speaker a maximum of freedom in connecting sophisticatedly programmed sequences with live-commented passages on demand.

More than 40 years of experience


Developed in Austria with a passionate love for the big pictures.

AV Stumpfl is a family-run business and acts out of conviction with a long-term strategy. Founded by Reinhold Stumpfl the company has been inspired by the idea and the enthusiasm for the big projected picture. As an engineer Reinhold Stumpfl has, as one of the first, developed and manufactured show control technology for slide shows 40 years ago. The company and its team has grown since then and is now integrating the 40 years of experience into modern technology. But still our engineers are aware of their AV roots and very enthusiastic about the power of the big pictures. 


The transition from Dia-AV to HDAV


The projected Image in the change of time.

Years and years speakers inspired their audience with their slide-shows. No matter if it was only a simple crossfade between two projectors or several projectors linked into a softedge panorama-show. Ages before you first heard the word "softedge" our cross-fading devices already communicated via our Wings software. The digital age then opened up a whole lot of new possibilities, just thinking of it: Once static pictures now can be set into motion! Wings Platinum continues this tradition and is still the first choice for professional speakers all around the world.


Turn your adventures into a fascinating slide-show. Using Wings Platinum you will only need a few clicks to convert your images and videos into an exciting HDAV show.  

About the Features


There are four different Wings Platinum licences. Decide which one suits you the best.

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We never rest. We continously extend the range of functionality and performance of Wings Platinum. You can find the details about all the recent developments here. 

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You can always download the current Wings Platinum version here.