Telling stories with pictures

Turn your adventures into a fascinating slide-show. Using Wings Platinum you will only need a few clicks to convert your images and videos into an exciting HDAV show.

Put everything in the pool

Put all the necessary ingredients into the Mediapool. No matter if they are pictures, videos, audio, graphics or texts. All the media files are clearly arranged and can be easily put into the desired order in the tracks according to the musical beat. 

Maximum image quality

We love the big picture and always use the highest playback quality possible. Wings Platinum enables you to actually work with the high resolution of your digital images. Make details visible, zoom into your images or create an virtual tracking shot along a panorama. No latency time, no rendering! Even during the creating process you can show your HDAV show in full resolution. 


A very special achievement in digital projection is the possibility to actually move static pictures - do tracking shots, zooms and further effects. Using the In-Screen-Editing feature you can directly arrange and adapt objects in their size, angle and position in the screen which makes animating really easy as well.

It's all about the music

Finding the right soundtrack is a big deal for your HDAV show. On-beat crossfading reinforces the effect of your images. Import music and synchronize it to the visual elements. All the relevant audio-functions are integrated in Wings Platinum, e.g. cutting, adapting volume, modulation, ... Especially for speakers we developed the very practical audio-ducking feature, which allows you to lower the volume of the show on the push of a button for the purpose of live-comments. 

Creating crossfades

Even in the good old days of Dia-AV the right crossfade was worth its weight in gold. In the modern HDAV shows there are no boundaries anymore. Crossfades can be created according to the dramaturgy and the fade-curves can be adapted individually. If you are not satisfied with the possibilities of the standard crossfade you can also let your images fold in, fly in, appear out of nothing, etc. 

Create effectively

Break the mould and make your message clear. There is a variety of effects at your command. Move, warp, shade, mask, reinforce, animate, convert,... a playground for creative minds. All realtime effects can be applied on all visual media (images, texts, videos) and can often be controlled dynamically. 


Create titles

Using the title generator you can create textobjects easily and directly in Wings Platinum. Texts can be designed in a sophisticated way e.g. you can put a 3D contour on or tag them with a transparent soft- or hard-edged shade. 

Presenting your show

Of course you also want to present your visions. Wings Platinum offers you plenty of output formats for your HDAV show. Create a DVD or export the video to burn a BluRay. Common video formats (MPEG2, WMV, AVI, H264) can be created in different resolutions - as well in 4K if you are using a display or projector which supports this resolution. If you want to benefit from the full resolution of your pictures, simply create an EXE-file. You will realize now: There is a great deal of possibilities to present your show on PC, TV or through projectors. 

The high art of live presentation

Be in the limelight! Combine sequences with pre-set sound with individually controlled live-passages. Using the speaker support technology the show will pause at predefined marker positions and - with the right remote control equipment - you can continue at the push of a button. Combining all those possibilities you can tell your exciting stories and adventures with a flexible and individual change of images, live commentary and music.

Present live & smart

Push the presentation of your HDAV showwith Wings Remote to the next level. Control your Show live via smartphone or tablet. Use the really smart solution to preview the following picture or your personal notes. You will never forget a comment or will be surprised from an unexpected picture. Let your dissolves flow with your story by pushing the button...

Codec Pack

Wings supports various fileformats of all sorts of media. The new video engine brings their own codec pack and is so independant from external codecs.

A highlight is of course the full implementation of H.265.

So nothing gets lost

To be on the safe side you should think about data backup in advance. Wings Platinum offers a very comfortable function which saves all the project data unfailingly. Wings Platinum collects all data and saves it in a save place of your choice, e.g. an external storage device, no matter where you saved the files used in the presentation.

Expose like a professional

The "blue-box"-effect offers an easy way to expose images and videos. Any background colour can be chosen and faded out. With the chroma-keying function you can e.g. film a speaker in front of of a neutral single-coloured background and then effectively place him into any background picture you can imagine. 


Import music from a CD

Import your music-CD directly onto your PC through Wings Platinum. As you do so the content is compared with an internet database and all the relevant information (album, title, interpret,...) will automatically be transferred. The selected pieces will then be converted in the desired quality (MP3 or WAV) and saved in the target folder.




The right format



You can choose the format und resolution of your Show.  Don´t care if 4:3, 16:9, 3:2 or any free panoramasize. You select the right setting for your HDAV Show.





WE speak your language



The Wings Platinum Menue and Userinterface can be switched to many languages e.g. German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedisch, Netherland.





Time laps in motion

Wings Platinum can easily turn highres picture sequences into time laps motion. Even if the time laps is composed with single images, the final time laps can be handled in Wings Platinum as an ordinary video file. Use the magic of picture sequences to arrange slow operation into moving moments.




Cut like a Video Pro

Wings is also suitable for video editing. You can work very effectively with all essential functions. Cut on demand exactly per frame, extract your audiotrack and edit it seperately.  If you use an external video editing software you need a lot of time while reducing at least your quality. Use the realtime features of Wings Platinum and save time. 

Sound from all directions

Wings Platinum handles also multi channel audio. Let your soundtrack appear from all directions to your audience. For the playout you need of course a multichannel soundcard (max 32 channels) or you create a WMV video in 5.1 or 7.1 format. For great HDAV cinema with sound from all speakers.

4K auf Ihrem TV

Wings kann die Show in beliebiger Auflösung ausgeben, egal ob FullHD oder auch in voller 4K Auflösung. Was viele nicht wissen ist, dass fast alle modernen TV Displays auch einen Mediaplayer integriert haben. Diesen kann man sich zu nutzen machen: Erzeugen Sie einfach mit Wings Platinum einfach ein Video im richtigen Format und maximaler Auflösung. Kopieren Sie dieses Videofile dann einfach auf einen USB Stick und lassen Sie Ihre HDAV Show direkt vom USB Port direkt am TV laufen. Es war noch nie so einfach Ihre HDAV Show mit Bilder und Videos auch in 4K Qualität Ihren Freunden und der Familie zu Hause zu präsentieren.



Training videos

Informative training videos show in an understandable way how to work with Wings Platinum. 

AV Stumpfl Forum


The AV Stumpfl Forum offers an exchange platform for Wings Platinum Users



You can improve your knowledge in workshops. Unfortunately we can't offer workshops in English yet.



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