64-Bit Engine

The new generation of our software for multimedia shows makes use of a 64-bit system architecture. Switching from 32-bit to 64-bit allows for a more efficient use of hardware resources and can lead to better performance.


A special highlight is the animation feature, which can be used to create and animate travel itineraries. The basis for such an animation could be a geographical map or image, e.g. a picturesque mountain panorama, that should be adapted to include a hiking trail.

The animation would be added to said object, that would then show the trail as a vector based line.
Individual points along this line could be labelled, with the possibility to change the colour and style of the line itself. It is even possible to include multiple routes as part of a single animation. During playback, the hiking route or trail will be shown beginning with the starting point, continuing right until the final destination.

Both the speed and the map zoom factor can be adjusted using a variety of different options, which can be applied to create additional animation effects.


The new video engine can calculate preview data more than 10 to 15 faster than before. It also offers an export function for video objects, that includes the option of working "lossless", without a re-coding of the video stream. This is particularly useful for creating a rough cut of video files with a long duration, in order to limit the amount of data without losing quality.


Another new highly practical feature is the setup-tool, which allows you to set up your presentation equipment with only a few steps. The integrated projector database includes all generally available projectors and lenses. A sub-feature for calculating image size and the projection distance helps you plan your projection setups. You won't need old fashioned test slides anymore, since you can choose from among multiple test images in a great variety of resolutions for optimizing focus, tone value, brightness or convergence. Using these test images, it's very easy to spot and adjust any display problems you might encounter. 

Download-center & Update Manager

Wings 7 offers extended internet connectivity. Sample files and project templates, images, videos, masks or complete sample shows can be downloaded directly from the AV Stumpfl server. A new update feature informs you of new versions, changes and allows for updates to be downloaded automatically.


With Wings 7 you can save your video export settings as presets. The same presets can also be shared with other Wings users. Especially when working as part of larger teams e.g. as in the case of a photographer club or a large event, you can make sure all the videos being played out will display the exact same quality.


Wings 7 now supports virtually all available audio file formats, no matter how exotix, from AAC to WMA. The integrated audio transcoder can also be used for extracting sound from videos, which also works with multi-channel formats and multi-language videos.