WP Basic - FREE

The easy introduction

Wings Platinum Basic is a free licence and offers interesting possibilities for the first-time user to create a fully-fledged AV-show. Audio, images and video in HD-quality can be arranged on each one crossfade-track. Claim your enable code: (please let us know your name and address with your request)


WP Starter

The full version with good value for money

Wings Platinum Starter contains almost all the important basic functions for creating a considerable HDAV-show. Audio, images and videos can be arranged on each two crossfade-tracks. Furthermore there are already a few effects to choose from and its possible to parallel fit similar objects.

RRP € 249,- excl. VAT.


WP Advanced

The high-performance full version

Wings Platinum Advanced is a high-performance full version for
ambitious or advanced users. Besides
all the important basic functions for creating considerable
shows it offers the functionality to control external devices. Audio, images and videos can be arranged on numerous crossfade-tracks, which enables sophisticated effects and complex assemblies.

RRP € 499,- excl. VAT.


WP Pro

The professional full version

Wings Platinum Pro is a substantial full version for extremely ambitious and professional users. In addition to all the functionality of the WP Advanced version it offers the possibility of audio editing and multichannel audio-output as well as an extended functionality for the professional presentation. To find out what exactly this version can offer you please refer to the table below.

RRP € 799,- excl. VAT.

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Wings Platinum Zusatzlizenz


Die Zusatzlizenz ist eine preiswerte Alternative, wenn Sie Wings Platinum gleichzeitig auf mehreren Rechnern betreiben möchten. Sie wird mit einem eigenen Kopierschutz-Dongle geliefert. Wenn eine Zusatz-Lizenz im Netzwerk betrieben wird, sind alle Funktionen der im LAN erkannten Haupt-Lizenz freigeschaltet.

Im Vortragsbetreib kann der Referent den Dongle der Zusatz-Lizenz auch bei einer Präsentation verwenden, so dass man den Haupt-Dongle sicher aufbewahren kann nicht dem Risiko der Beschädigung oder des Diebstahls ausgesetzt wird. In diesem Fall ist das Speichern von Projekten oder Medien nicht möglich, es können aber noch kurzfristige Änderungen, wie z.B. das Einfügen von Sponsorlogos o.ä. durchgeführt werden.

Licences overview

Functions Basic Starter Advanced Pro
Crossfade tracks for pictures and textobjects 1 2 n n
Crossfade tracks for audio objects 1 2 n n
Crossfade tracks for video objects (HD+= solution HDTV and higher) 1 HD 2 HD+ n HD+ n HD+
Text objects on picture tracks for information, such as titles or credits
News ticker function for displaying the latest information from monitored, external text files - 1 n n
Marker tracks for interactive control of a Speaker Support presentation with pause and position markers -
Creating Video DVD -
Backup of projects on CD/DVD or in a directory on the hard disk - -
Multi-channel audio output on up to 24 channels (12 x stereo) via the corresponding hardware - - -
Time stretching, pitch shifting (changing the playing time without pitch alteration) - - -
Audio loop, also asynchronous in Pause Mode, e.g. for interval music with Speaker Support and live comments - - -
Ducking function for volume reduction during live comments via keystroke - -
Color-true display through evaluation of ICC color profiles
Evaluation of the alpha channel for suitable image file formats
Simple Dual display for panorama and 3D projection on one computer - - -
Basic realtime effects for visual media (Monochrome, OldPhoto,...)
Starter realtime effect for visual media (AlphaWipe, Sepia,...) -
Advanced realtime effects for visual media (FlipPage, Glow, Blur,...) - -
Pro realtime effects for visual media (ChromaKey, Radar, Water,...) - - -
Picture-in-picture effect -
Control of slide projectors 3 3 4+ 4+
Rendering as MPEG 2 video HD HD HD HD
Rendering of the show as H.264 video, presets for various types of applications - -
Mediakit is included in the scope of delivery of the full version, additionally available for updates and basic versions -




Das Warten hat ein Ende. Ab Mitte November ist die neue Wings Platinum Version 6 verfügbar.

Bestehende Anwender können das Update auf die Version 6 schon jetzt vorbestellen. Erste Informationen zum Update 6.00 finden auf hier in unserem Newsbeitrag

Ein Update von älteren Wings Versionen 2/3/4 auf Wings Platinum 5 ist verständlicherweise ab sofort nicht mehr möglich.